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Get to Know the SIGMA Appraisal Team

Rob Palmer


Rob has always had an interest in designing and installing equipment and has built up his career in the used equipment industry. He used the experience gained from working with engineers, production managers, and maintenance staff in the food, pharmaceutical, and plastics industries to create the SIGMA Group almost 20 years ago.

Randa Doleh

Senior Appraiser

Randa has developed expert equipment knowledge and pricing as well as appraisal experience during her career at SIGMA. She is also extensively trained in business analytics within equipment, sales, acquisitions, and operations functions. Randa is a certified Senior Appraiser for both SIGMA Auction and SIGMA Appraisal divisions.

Jay Rivera

Account Executive

Jay Rivera joined SIGMA Equipment in 2017 as a Technical Sales Specialist and Latin America Account Manager. With his extensive knowledge of buying and selling equipment, he can provide insights into the market value of packaging and processing equipment. Jay now manages the business development of SIGMA’s Auction and Appraisal divisions.

Missy Dougan

Senior Account Executive

Missy, SIGMA’s Senior Account Executive, has over a decade of experience working in the packaging and processing equipment industry. She specializes in the asset management of equipment throughout its lifecycle and helps customers find valuable returns on their investments. Missy assists with the business development of our Recovery, Auction, and Appraisal divisions.

Ryan Yerkes

Senior Account Executive

Ryan has 20 years of experience in the packaging and processing equipment industry. He specializes in the acquisitions area of the company and oversees the buying, research, and inventory management departments of SIGMA’s processing and packaging equipment. Ryan is the Senior Account Executive for both SIGMA Auction and SIGMA Appraisal divisions.

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