About Us

Our Value is the Market Value


For over 20 years, the SIGMA Group of companies has established itself as one of the equipment industry’s most experienced and well-versed names. SIGMA Appraisal specializes in expertly providing accurate and timely appraisals and valuations. Our accredited appraisers can help you make informed decisions for your assets.

There are a variety of reasons why our clients trust us to provide them with accurate reports. SIGMA Appraisal can determine the value of assets so that you can make educated purchases and investments that will be successful for you and your company. Our reports also can help you determine the value when selling your assets or liquidating a plant so that you can earn your value back. We are an expert in our industry and can provide you with accurate and effective reports no matter what your need is.

Who We Work With:

  • Banks
  • Financial institutions
  • Financial investors
  • Facility owners

Our Appraisal Process

We will inspect the equipment assets to determine the model, age, condition, and location of the market that you’re looking to divest your assets or invest in a new project. All of these factors directly tie into the value of the assets and help us decide what the best path for you is.

Services We Offer

  • On-site Appraisal – Accurate inspections and appraisals for your records
  • Desktop Appraisal – Quick and convenient valuations for your equipment
  • Pricing Service – Precise pricing of assets, for both buying and selling assets

Our qualifications

Our appraisal team is made up of accomplished and accredited professionals with memberships and designations from the American Society of Appraisers (ASA). SIGMA Appraisal is also Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) compliant. This is the standard of appraisal practice and ensures we follow ethics and standards and regulates our reports.

SIGMA has been collecting equipment data for over 20 years and has one of the most extensive databases in the industry. Within those years we have compiled a vast machinery documentation library, experience in selling to different markets, and have multiple divisions to assist with your needs.

The SIGMA Group

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The SIGMA Group:

Running a successful operation is easy when you’re equipped with the right resources. SIGMA Group is made up of six different divisions, each providing its own suite of services and expertise. This collaboration between offerings creates a full circle of services and benefits. SIGMA Group is here to provide you with all the tools your production needs in order to run smoothly.

SIGMA Equipment

Machinery Purchases & Sales:

In addition to asset management, we also provide equipment sales from our location. Our SIGMA Equipment storage facility allows us to warehouse and market machinery from any size project.

Looking for a particular piece of equipment or machinery? If we don’t have it readily available, we will find it for you at the most reasonable price possible. Just fill out a Wanted form and our sales team will respond immediately to assist you.

SIGMA Surplus

MRO and Spare Parts Purchasing:

SIGMA Surplus makes it easy to buy and sell spare equipment parts and will help you minimize production lag when you are in need of a replacement part. With a wide selection of pieces and overnight shipping, Surplus will have your production line back up and running in no time. For help with your appraisal needs please contact us by phone or simply tell us about your project.

SIGMA Integration

Integration Services:

At SIGMA Integration, we empower producers to achieve their production potential through cutting-edge automation solutions. Our dedicated team specializes in maximizing operational efficiency by integrating both new and pre-owned equipment into turnkey processing and packaging lines. Additionally, we offer complete control panel builds and on-site repair services.

SIGMA Auction


SIGMA Auction uses a network of thousands of industry experts to connect your equipment with interested buyers. We have 15 years of experience in sales and auctions and have extensive knowledge of the resale value of used equipment. To begin your auction process, please contact us by phone or simply tell us about your project.

SIGMA Appraisal


SIGMA Appraisals provides accurate and timely appraisals and valuations to ensure you receive maximum return for your equipment. Our dedicated appraisal team uses standard methodologies and practices to ensure you get an accurate valuation. With our data-driven approach, we use the latest technology possible. We also offer desktop appraisals and onsite appraisals.

C & I Electronics


C & I Electronics is a certified electronics recycling facility that offers a secure and efficient way to dispose of devices. C & I Electronics can provide your business a turnkey electronic recycling program and the comfort of knowing it was performed in accordance with industry best standards. To learn more about our recycling programs, check out the services page.