Desktop Appraisal



SIGMA offers desktop appraisals that identify and value machinery and equipment without the benefit of inspection. Our expert appraisers will base their analysis and reporting on the information that is provided by the customer.
To ensure that you receive the most accurate equipment valuation possible, we ask that you include key aspects of the equipment when requesting a desktop appraisal. This information is a necessary component for an accurate assessment of your equipment. Please provide the following information.

Desktop Appraisal Equipment Checklist:

  1. Make
  2. Model
  3. Serial Number
  4. Age
  5. Description
  6. Hours
  7. Condition or operational status
  8. Capacity
  9. Photographs or virtual tour of key equipment

We offer more than just desktop appraisals and valuations, the SIGMA Group also provides a full suite of additional services including:

  • Asset audits
  • Inventory tracking software (SIGMA Recovery)
  • Real-time asset management system (SIGMA Recovery)
  • Equipment and real estate financing sources (SIGMA Equipment Financing Page)

Contact SIGMA Appraisal today for immediate assistance with valuations, appraisals, or any other additional services we offer.