Data-Driven Approach

The foundation of SIGMA Appraisal’s accurate, reliable, and fast reporting is rooted in a vast collection of data from our proprietary software and systems. We possess an unmatched internal database that gives us an exclusive insight into key information on more than 100,000 makes and models that are backed by in-depth verification procedures. This data includes:

  • Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) price and capability verification
  • Management and Operational team interviews
  • Physical inspection and maintenance history
  • Life expectancy and remaining use analysis
  • Fair market value
  • Complete liquidation study
  • Depreciation policies and impact on borrowing base metrics
  • Specialized expert industry knowledge and market conditions

SIGMA Appraisal has decades of experience in the buying and selling of processing, packaging, and plant support equipment worldwide. Our extensive database has equipped us to effectively determine the latest machinery valuations, resulting in providing the greatest outcome for our customers

To learn more about how our proprietary data approach can best benefit you, get in touch with one of our expert appraisers.