Easily turn idle equipment into assets

Discover the true market value of your idle equipment

Receive accurate, timely, and trustworthy appraisals

Data-Driven Approach

We utilize a vast collection of data from our proprietary software and systems to provide unmatched insight and accurate analysis of your used equipment. This guarantees you will receive the highest maximum return possible.


We provide a variety of appraisal methods that are lead by our accomplished and credited professionals. This ensures that you will be receiving reliable and accurate outcomes from the appraisal services we provide.


Our team of expert appraisers will evaluate your equipment and then configure the most accurate price based on market projections and analysis. That way you will receive the best possible outcome on your equipment.

Pricing equipment predictively and accurately requires a
well-developed proprietary process.


That’s where our 20 years of experience in the used process, packaging and facility support equipment comes into play and can be used to your advantage. SIGMA Appraisal has developed software that can leverage real-world data from thousands of observed industry-specific sales transactions.

With the combination of this data and our equipment inspections, we are able to provide precise appraisals more efficiently and quickly than our competitors.